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Research History

Sixty percent of all work done at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine has been spent on research. Many of the disorders and illnesses do not have simple remedies to cure them or keep them under control. It is important for us to understand the underlying causes of the many diseases and dis-orders in order to heal them.

Even though we have a great deal of knowledge in many medical fields, we don't understand a fraction of what is possible anytime herbs and natural remedies are used. Consider also, we even know less about energy (and what part it plays in healing and strengthening chemical and physical traditional western medicine).

Most medical fields ignore the fact that different energies even exist. Energy is a general term, but what we are referring to here are the different energies that exist and affect our health and well-being. Energy Research has been a seventeen plus year project at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine. Studying energy and how our bodies use it, how it affects our lives both physically and mentally has been a main focus in all of our research programs.

Back in 1986-1988, our focus was on the immune system. The awareness of AIDS drew our attention on this throughout the world. Although AIDS is an immune system problem, there are many other complex immune system diseases and disorders to address than this dangerous virus.

At Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine we discovered many approaches to cleansing the immune system, strengthening it and preventing new attacks. We are still researching it, as new cases come in.

About ten years ago, a great deal of time was spent on studying Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Muscle disorders and diseases of the joints and connective tissue.Many people were calling up with these symptoms and pain associated with these illnesses.

Energy techniques, remedies and different regiments of supplements, foods and exercise proved successful in providing relief.
Historically Above & Beyond found cures for the following problems:
  • Scaling Psoriasis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Inflammation of the pancreas due to stress and enduring trauma
  • Skin Rashes
  • Controlling Menopausal Symptoms
  • Post Traumatic Syndrome such as after a bad accident as in car, school, job and psychological sense of defeat
  • Nerve-ending Inflammation
  • Disorders associated with past live issues brought through in to the present lifetime with adverse effect.

The two areas of on-going study at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine are Cancer and Emotional Disorders/Diseases.

Each person with the same cancer or emotional disorder, may be affected differently and that can make these two areas difficult to study. Symptoms for the same cancer may show up in a number of individuals clearly and in other people take on no noticeable change, or masked to appear as something else.

Cancer patients with many kinds and forms of cancer have visited our office. Some people make appointments for us to see them at their home, because they were too weak to come to the office. The scope and range of treatments varied given the need. Ranges of success vary with age, how long the person has the cancer, their mental disposition, if they have had previous chemotherapy or radiation or not, and if they have been a “clean-living” person most of their lives, such as a non-smoker. Through the years other research came into practice. As the needs of the clients changed, so did we.

Today it is difficult to manage staying healthy. Living is no longer simple, in most technologically advanced western countries. Our societies are not focused on health. Industries that are involved in health and health networking are big business and their agenda is about accumulating great wealth in the financial world, not wealth in great health services and products. Regulations prohibit our geniuses from coming forth with valuable cures and better means of offering health services and remedies.

Uninhibited research and practice with the intent to spread better health and well-being to all people regardless of economic circumstances and beliefs is what Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine started out to do, and we are still doing it.