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Natural Remedies

Above and Beyond Holistic Services uses many kinds of natural medicine, including but not limited to, non-traditional alternative energy medicine healings, acupressure, natural herbs, standard natural remedies and patent-pending formulas developed through our studies, energy therapies, deep tissue energy releases, therapeutic pedicures, healing with different light frequencies, Reiki healing treatments, high emission crystals and absorber crystals, alternate states of consciousness, channeling sub-conscious blockages, using MENS, Grid Emission Imaging counting and digital infrared thermal imaging.

Currently, we have new natural remedies available that effectively address muscle and joint pain. They are not just pain killers, but rather have healing properties to promote immediate repair of muscles that are overused and damaged. These remedies for relief and healing of various muscle inflammation, irritation, and spasms are unconditionally guaranteed to work.

Natural remedies fall into many categories. Some of these categories are:
  • Anti-Inflammatory Healing
  • Anti Viral Healing
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Digestive Correction
  • Energy Medicine
  • Endocrine Support
  • Joint Strengthening
  • Lung Strengthening
  • Pain Relief
  • Psoriasis Healing
  • Nerve-Ending Repair

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