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Kathleen Erickson-Nord is the
Primary Holistic Medical Practitioner
at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine

For those of you unfamiliar with this field of medicine, holistic practices can encompass one or many disciplines of health and healing. Most holistic practitioners take one discipline and become master at that one modality. Kathleen has molded several disciplines of holistic medicine into her fields of expertise. When holistic medicine was thought of as "strange", or occult practices, or worse yet a form of pseudo medicine, Kathleen was busy learning the different fields of holistic medicine in order to incorporate the best knowledge into a respectable and proven form of natural medicine.

Kathleen's specialty is energy medicine. She is an energy therapist. In her twenty-two years of practice, she developed several methods in which to measure pain, illnesses and disease of the body. She uses the energy field, measuring "spikes" and variations of intensities of the energy centers. Kathleen can find the source of your pain by doing this technique. She can tell you where the pain or ache origination point is from measuring your energy centers. For example, if you pave a pain in your left arm, she can tell you where the spot is that the painful energy waves are radiating from. The painful energy wave maybe transferred to a different location than the point ofpain/inflammation/injury that you actually feel.

Kathleen's healing practices have set new standards and approaches in use of various methods of healing rather than a "cookbook" style of delivering treatment or recommending remedies. She is currently writing three books on the subjects she has researched and one with will include proven techniques she has used successful for thousands of hours through the years.

Kathleen Erickson-Nord
some of her techniques are found
and used in only a few other places
in the world.

You can say that Kathleen has become a founder of different holistic medical practices through her studies in chemistry and metaphysics. During the last nine years, she has spent at least a third of her working days researching and learning new ways to handle pain, cure all kinds of problems from skin rashes to acute anxiety attacks. Her formal education was in chemistry and biology. Originally as a student at Windham College, in Vermont, and Alfred University, in New York State, she wanted to find cures for cancer. Although her years ahead did not lead to that, she has made enormous strides in finding all kinds for remedies and treatments that either cure or greatly manage all kinds of disorders and painful situations in men, women and some children.

The college education she had, did not prepare her for a more complicated world of disease and illnesses. It was more complex than she ever dreamed of. Kathleen found out early in her education, that healing did not mean just a rushed trip to the drug store. She also realized very early that people caused most of their own accidents and illnesses. When one is willing to see this, healing can begin rapidly. People who have fallen to illness through no fault of their own get immediate attention.

Kathleen has experience and depths of knowledge in the management of muscle pain, joint aches, nerve-ending inflammation, and balancing the body "electrically".

She has truly been a first in some of her field studies and a maverick in areas of healing most often thought not possible by other medical personnel.

As a result of years of studies, Kathleen has developed some of her own, patent pending products, proven to heal or work for the intended health problem. Many of her clients still use them today. She uses natural herbs, remedies and extracts in most of her private label products.

She hopes that the holistic field of medicine will gain the greatest respect it deserves and the dedicated people working in these fields, will work along side the traditional doctors as partners and not competitors. That will be the day human health concerns will reach a renaissance of perfection and effectiveness.

Kathleen attributes her years of good health and a strong body to utilizing her own knowledge and practices of holistic medicine on herself and religiously working out, dancing, bike riding, mountain hiking, sharing her love for life, good food, positive thinking and long deep meditations. You can't do what she does without being a product of the process with which she works.

Through the years, the unknown diseases and unexplained symptoms of the many patients who have come to her seeking help, have never intimidated Kathleen. She is a scientist first. That's what she would tell you. Troubleshooting is a passion with her. Kathleen loves to solve problems. Her mission is to alleviate pain and suffering. If she can help you, she will tell you truthfully.