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Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies encompass a broad spectrum of ways and means by which an individual is healed or helped to alleviate pain and suffering. For example, if a client comes to us with a skin rash on their neck and arms, there are various ways to heal this person from the disorder. Or, maybe it is not a disorder. Maybe they are allergic to something. Maybe it is from an emotional upset. In order to heal or at least control the uncomfortable symptoms, we need to know what caused the rash in the beginning.

Cause and effect are a huge part of our diagnostic work at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine. No one gets sick just by chance. Many people come to us with pain and suffering that is months or even years old. Time and again we’ve heard a client say, ”I have been everywhere for every test and seen different kinds of doctors, but they still can’t cure me.” Or, “Other medical professionals just say they cannot help me.” Holistic therapies start with a natural approach—always. We talk about the problem. We examine the problem from its origination point. If we cannot find one, we determine a date or age when the client first started showing symptoms. Next, there is an energy reading taken (usually) to see if there is any interruption in the energy field or energy points throughout the body. This is like a test. It really tells us at Above & Beyond where to find the problem, or where tissues or organs are failing.

We have at our disposal many techniques and devices to determine what kind of therapy the person needs to feel better or to overcome their difficult problem. Most of the time it is a complex set of issues, rather than a single cause.

Holistic implies natural ways of handling health. Some holistic therapies we commonly use are herbs, natural remedies manufactured by established companies, and a few natural remedies that we have developed through our own research. Energy medicine may be incorporated for many kinds of health situations. We also use exercise, diet, Infrared Thermal ImagingĀ®, sound, acupressure, absorber crystals, and other modalities as the situation warrants.