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Diagnostic & Corrective Services

Above and Beyond Holistic Services uses a broad spectrum of natural medicine, including but not limited to, non-traditional alternative energy medicine healings, acupressure, natural herbs, standard natural remedies and patent-pending formulas developed through our research, energy therapies, deep tissue energy releases, therapeutic pedicures, healing with different light frequencies, Reiki healing treatments, high emission crystals and absorber crystals, alternate states of consciousness, channeling sub-conscious blockages, using MENS, Grid Emission Imaging counting and digital infrared thermal imaging.

The categories of Diagnostic & Corrective Services at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine used to assist in the diagnosis and correction of health problems are below. Depending on your situation, one or more of the following categories would be used.


Categories of Diagnostic & Corrective Services

  • Exclusive Use of Healing Energy for Treatment
  • Energy Transfer & Energy Points Calculations
  • Energy Medicine Therapy Techniques

  • Energy Work & Balancing
  • Body Work
  • Therapeutic Pedicures

  • Natural Remedies (Product Oriented)

  • Therapeutic Past Life Regression

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging


Diagnostic & Corrective Services Specifics

The following holistic services are used to help determine and correct the source, or cause or development of a disorder, pain, behavior difficulty and disease.

These techniques are especially helpful to pinpoint the area of a health problem when traditional medical equipment fails or is not capable to do so:

  • Measuring therapeutic energy points along the body
  • Distinguishing between cancer, muscle inflammation, and chemical imbalances
  • Correcting discomforts of the feet through therapeutic pedicures and corrective measures
  • Determining bacterial and viral infections using energy point analysis
  • Troubled Children and Teens Therapy
  • Relieving symptoms through acupressure therapy
  • Balancing of the body's energies
  • Achieving therapeutic improvement through past life regressions
  • Analyzing supplement choices (vitamins, etc.)
  • Locating and eliminating emotional pain
  • Releasing energy through the use of crystals
  • Eliminating pain and dysfunction of muscles through postural correction
  • Evaluating body rashes to find the cure or the cause