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Our Staff

Kathleen Erickson-Nord is our primary, highly skilled holistic medical practitioner.

For over sixteen years, Kathleen has used a combination of unconventional and scientific methods of healing, in addition to emission techniques, remedies, herbs, homeopathy, and energy therapies, with great success.

Above and Beyond Holistic Services uses many kinds of natural medicine, including but not limited to, non-traditional alternative energy medicine healings, acupressure, natural herbs, standard natural remedies and patent-pending formulas developed through our studies, energy therapies, deep tissue energy releases, therapeutic pedicures, healing with different light frequencies, Reiki healing treatments, high emission crystals and absorber crystals, alternate states of consciousness, channeling sub-conscious blockages, using MENS, Grid Emission Imaging counting and digital infrared thermal imaging.

Who Uses Our Services?

Very sick people, who can't, for whatever reason, get results elsewhere with better health or relieving pain.

People who need problems solved with their health that nobody has been able to accomplish with traditional tests and hospital labs.

People who cannot afford expensive traditional medicine.

People who don't believe in traditional medications and surgery or traditional doctors to get well and stay well.

Since we deal with the health of the whole person, physical, emotional, psychological and paranormal, we can usually heal more quickly than traditional medicine, which focuses on only one part of the body. They don't look at the whole picture.

At Above & Beyond, we investigate the whole person in order to find the best possible solution to get the health care needed for your pain and suffering. Whether it is an accident or years of suffering with a disorder, no illness is too great for us to troubleshoot and solve.

We refer to other practices if that seems to be the best way to go.

What our clients
have to say:

"Hi Kathleen,

Good news! My doctor said I could stop the Chemotherapy. The cell count is negative. I told him the energy healings I have been getting over the past six months worked! He said he never saw such a quick recovery before.

I guess you were right, when you said traditional medicine and holistic medicine can work together nicely when given
the chance."

Ginny- Cancer Client Rhode Island, USA