Above and Beyond Holistic Medicine

We Care About YOU.
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Welcome to Above and Beyond Holistic Medicine. We’re an alternative clinic dedicated to finding and using safe, natural remedies to cure or greatly reduce suffering and discomfort.

We invite you to learn about us and to explore our wonderfully effective natural remedies.

You may be familiar with natural health doctors and practitioners of various kinds, however at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine we reach far "beyond" the natural traditional health practices.

We encompass techniques and testing, in some ways not found anywhere else in the country, and that truly are far from the "cookbook" style diagnosis and remedies you may find in main stream medicine.

Each person is treated as a unique case. No two cases are exactly alike. Although there may be similarities, you are still different in your health needs.

We take the time to know you and know your problems and concerns.

The use of natural medicine and remedies is not a new discovery. The way Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine utilizes all kinds of remedies and natural approaches to either cure or greatly reducing suffering and discomfort is quite "new". It is new in a sense that few people understand just how we heal and how we get in trouble with our health.

Few institutions of medicine understand alternative healing medicine. That is because we in part cannot see or measure these changes by ordinary means. It has taken years to develop procedures and techniques to find cures or even reasons for pain, suffering and ill health at our clinic. If there is no known cure, we use all the tools available to find one.

New remedies and formulas are being developed all the time at Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine. This is part of our on-going research efforts.

Our patent-pending formulas work without the negative side effects of prescriptive drugs and surgery.

Quality is taken seriously through these proven, state-of-the-art remedies. Some remedies are found only on this web site and offered through Above & Beyond Holistic Medicine.